Sunday, March 27, 2011


So, not a good idea to try to fly in a small park next to a large wild life area after a good rain.

Well, after 2 weeks of rain and having just put my plane back together, I was very anxious to try and get some air time.  It was still a little too windy today but by about 6pm, things settled down enough.  My daughter and I took my plane out to our local park for a flight.

Launch went fine.  Plane was flying well and climbing.  The field was a bit small and I quickly ran out of field. I then tried to start a right turn and bring it back.  Soon into the turn a gust of wind banked the plane up onto its side!  I hustled to pitch the rudder and hit the elevator to pull out but by the time I hit the rudder I had lost too much altitude and nosed it right into the ground.  By the time we got over to the plane, we found that it was on a small semi-submerged island in the middle of a small lake!  I had to wade knee deep in water and mud to get to the plane.  When I picked it up the canopy had come off and the battery and radio compartment were full of water!  I quickly unplugged the battery and drained the water out.

Once we got home I proceeded to drain more water out and took everything apart.  Got out the Shamwow and heat gun.
After some work and taking the receiver apart, I was able to get all the water out.  I plugged the battery back in and carefully turned everything back on.  It worked and no sparks flew or smoke came out!  I think I'm back in business.

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