Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Almost Lost

Well, this with this post I started with a new transmitter.  I needed something with more controls than the 3 channels that came with the Wild Hawk.  Especially since I added ailerons.  I was not satisfied with losing my rudder, as I found that I really needed it for making landings with cross winds like I seem to always have.

What did I do?  I headed off to my favorite hobby shop, Hobby King.  I looked through their transmitter options and realized that I did not want to spend a whole lot of money on a name brand system especially as I am still new to this hobby.  So I looked at their shop brand selection.  I found they had several transmitters ranging from sub $30 4 channel to just over $50 6 channel and all using 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology.  Interestingly enough there was only a few dollars difference between the 4 channel and 6 channel low end systems and I opted for the extra channels.

I received my 6 channel transmitter along with the USB cable to program it.  I love this transmitter and was looking forward to installing it and trying it out.

It took a little work to get the old receiver out and keep all of the connections strait but I did it and got the new and smaller receiver in.

It took a while but I finally made it to my Dad's place for some flying.  My first flight was in his back yard which is about 50 feet by 150 feet surrounded by fence but with orchards and clear views all around.  So after a few falls starts, I made it up into the air and really had fun flying around and getting used to the new radio.  I made one test pass and made good use of the rudder in lining up a test landing pass.  On my landing pass I did not account for the thermal conditions.  You see, my Dad's back yard is half grass and half pea gravel.  I started my pass coming in over the grass toward myself standing at the far end of the gravel.  Everything was fine until I crossed over onto the gravel and his the updraft.  This pitched the plane over and into some equipment off to the side as I lost control.

It took a bit of work but I got the plane fixed up again and ready for another flight.  By now the wind was picking up and I new I would have to the open field next door.  Out we go.  I get launched and am flying fine but I realize I am starting to fight the wind.  While I'm playing with the new radio and extra channels, I stray too close to Dad's orchard just behind me.  With my battery a bit low and the wind, I find that I can't bring it back and lose the plane behind me.  I just let the controls go neutral and shut off the power.
We finally found the plane lodged in the upper branches of a tree on the far side of the orchard.  It took my daughter climbing the tree and using a pruning pole to shake it loose.  Up in the tree the plane didn't look to bad.  Once down, wow, it was really messed up.  Both wing leading edges were gouged, the nose was gouged, one wing was bent up and the bamboo spar broken.  Lot's of work is going to be needed to fix it this time.
Next update hopefully all will have been repaired.

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