Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flying again

Well, I finally got a chance to fly again.  It was still a little windy but I wanted to fly anyway.

The new hinges on the tail worked great!  I love these new hinges!

OK, that might all be fine, but the wind took control on a low turn and I hit full power nose down into the ground.  Broke the nose off of the plane, again.

 Can't really see the full extent of the damage but you can see it's seriously tweaked.  This is also after I spent a good half hour taking all of the tape off.  You have to tape these really good, especially while learning.

 Now you can see some of the damage.

I had to completely disconnect the nose to realy fix it right, so I did.
All nicely glued back together!

 Well, I took the opportunity to do some updates while I was at it.  I decided to do some spoon scoops to try to improve cooling.

This is the nose hole I started with.  This is up front by the battery.
 The spoon cut real easy with an Exacto saw blade.
 I marked the location with a pen so I would know where to place a bead of hot glue
 This seemed like the best place for the exhaust port.
You can see them both installed in this view.  Not real easy to see, but they are there.

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