Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hinged Again

Ok, no sooner did I buy the CA glue and the thin hinges, and I saw a video about making tape hinges.  This was the best hinge advice ever!  The idea is that you take strips of tape about an inch long.  These are joined together by overlapping them about 1/4 of an inch sticky side to sticky side.  These are then run from one side of one surface to the other side of the other surface.  Oh heck, this will make much more sense if you just watch the video.  The part you'll want is about 5 minutes in.

 So, here is my progress on installing this type of hinge.

This hinging system is awesome! They move  so freely and have so much more movement.  I no longer have any issues with the tail spar yawing when the servos move full lock.

Well I'm still waiting for he weather to behave and allow for some nice flying.  So far any time I've been able to get out, the wind has been 10mph and higher.  We'll see.

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