Sunday, April 3, 2011

More power!

I finally received the parts I ordered to complete my LiPo battery packs.  What I received are the power leads with Tamaya (I thinks that's the right spelling) connectors and the charging leads with connector for a three cell series pack. I also picked up an inexpensive balancing charger and a really cool little device that will show the voltage state of each cell as well as the whole pack.

This is a picture of the pack after all the wires were soldered. It's essentially ready to go with the exception of protecting it with tape or heat shrink.

This photo shows the pack connected to the pack reader. It is currently showing the voltage of the whole pack.

This little pack reader is cool.  It will cycle through each cell and show it's voltage.  Once through the whole pack it will show the pack voltage.

This picture shows the pack connected to the charger. The red light shows that it is charging. It will turn green when complete.

One item that I wish I had left on my order was a pack balancer. This little device plugs into a pack and will bring all the cells in a pack to the least safe level. This is done so that they are all in the same state and "balanced".  I know the charger will do this but I could have one pack on the charger and another on the balancer.

I found one big issue when I went to connect the pack to my plane. The power connection was wired wrong!   Good thing I was looking and did not plug it in and hit the power switch.   I'm sure I would have let out all of the magic smoke from everything!

It was a simple, but tedious, matter of reversing the leads in the connector and I was set for a test.

Wow! What a difference in power! And I should get almost double the run time (1300mah to 2200mah).

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