Friday, April 1, 2011

More tweaking and modding

So I know that there were some issues with the tail of my plane because, as I noted before, I noticed the tail of my plane torquing over when moving the control surfaces.  I finally had a chance to take a look at it and found some causes and more issues.

 You can see from this picture the bush rod is bumping out the side.  This was due to the rudder not moving as freely as it should to one side.  After I fix the cause (see below) I will use some clear packing tape to secure it down and add rigidity to the tail spare.  I will do both sides for symmetry.
 In this picture you can see that the push rod is touching the foam slot and really binds when the arm is moved to the left and right.
 This is the right side (rudder) and it is  doing the same as you can see.
 Here is the culprit of the rudder push rod bowing out.  The rudder is hitting up against elevator.

 In this photo it  looks like everything is where it is supposed to be and that the issue is with the elevator surface connector.  I have decided that I will remove the surfaces and redo them with more space in between and give the rudder more room to make those left turns.
You can see the knot I put in the antenna wire.  This keeps it from pulling inside when I pull out the receiver.

I also found  that the foam hinges, while helping it go together fast, are very stiff and make it slower to respond and you don't get as much movement.

When I  put them back together, I still have not decided if I will use tape hinges (fast, easy, but not as robust) or thin plastic film hinges (much more difficult to align and glue in, but more sturdy).

As usual, more to come.

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